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Best of 2023

After travel and life led to a longer-than-planned hiatus, the gang return to debate the biggest and best records of the last 12 months. This isn’t just a list of albums though — we take a dive into the most noteworthy selections: the surprises, the… … Continue readingBest of 2023

Musical Gaps: The Cars

Join Gabbie Nirenburg and Joe Rivers as they seek to address one of the most glaring gaps in Joe’s musical knowledge: The Cars. Listening to their self-titled LP, will Joe be won over by their indelible power-pop melodies or, as Gabbie fears, will th… … Continue readingMusical Gaps: The Cars

Musical Gaps: Pavement

Musical gaps. We all have them, especially in the streaming age where there’s so much stuff to get through.Music experts will tell you there are certain artists you MUST love but on QtP, we know that’s not realistic and we hate gatekeeping. So, in th… … Continue readingMusical Gaps: Pavement